About us

TM «EXPERT» - is the largest manufacturer of specialized laboratory furniture in Ukraine. A lot of laboratories working in a petrochemical and gas processing, mining and metallurgical, energy and construction, food and light industries, non-productive and health spheres, epidemiological and ecological as well as many other sectors of our industry have become our partners during the years of a successful operation in the market.

Extensive experience of successful and complex supplying of laboratories allows us to take care of all peculiar notions concerning the operation of specialized furniture. We understand the requirements to the laboratory furniture like no one else and are able to anticipate all nuances that can emerge during the work of your employees in a laboratory.

Laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT is based on an experience of many renowned experts and meets the requirements of the work in laboratories of different fields.

During the All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition "The Best Product of 2008" TM EXPERT has taken an honored first place and became a winner in the category "Laboratory equipment and furniture."

Laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT has passed all necessary tests in accordance with State Standard Specification 16371-93; that is ascertained by certificates:
  • Health certificate for all materials used;
  • Code certificate of compliance with State Standard Specification UkrSepro.
Facilitates for production of the furniture for laboratories under the EXPERT trademark is located in Ukraine. Therefore our company quickly and flexibly responds to any inquiries of a customer.

Our specialists provide a full package of design services (including the attendance to a customer, conduction of measurements, development of a design project on computer), delivery and installation of the furniture at customers' facilities. During the design stage we take into account all space parameters including various communications, water supply and electricity. Due to this opportunity you can pre-determine the future look of your laboratory. Moreover, we offer our customers the service of a computer modeling including the selection and rational arrangement of the EXPERT furniture, as well as its delivery and installation, for free.

Quality control of each product at each stage of the production makes us strong enough to offer a truly high-quality product which will serve you for many years without losing its original consumer properties.

Laboratory is a kind of a mini-production where an employee during a very tense and responsible work should feel comfortable and convenient, as the accuracy of the analysis together with the "purity" of an experiment directly influences the future quality of a finished product. The quality of the laboratory furniture promotes right arrangement of a laboratory space. The laboratory furniture EXPERT - from the exhaust fume hood to a portable stand - is professional and high-quality furniture designed to create a comfortable and safe environment for an efficient operation of employees in your laboratory

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