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Is your laboratory is an integral part of your production, or your scientific institute or your diagnostic center? So, you certainly understand that the laboratory equipment must be exact, the staff of laboratory should be professionals, and the furniture must be the special one.

EXPERT is the largest producer of laboratory furniture in Ukraine. We with confidence claim that our laboratory furniture meets all the important requirements of such product.

  • Our furniture ensures safety to the laboratory experts;
  • Special furniture EXPERT is made of qualitative, modern and safe materials;
  • All lines of the furniture help to organize comfortable work of laboratory staff.

Since 2002 the laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT provides laboratories of different branches not only Ukraine and CIS countries. Our furniture was delivered even to the laboratory complex of the State University of Namibia.

The laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT is the winner in the nomination "The Best Domestic Laboratory Furniture" 8 years running. In 2011-2012 our furniture became the first one at the competition "Trade mark of the best quality" for ensuring its high precision of measurements in analytical chemistry (Moscow, the Russian Federation).

Build your laboratory with EXPERT!

The best laboratory furniture in Russian Federation

The laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT has got the first prize as the best product of its category. It has happened at the 16th International exhibition «CHEMISTRY-2011» (Moscow). In April, on the 9th International exhibition Analytics Expo 2011 (Moscow) an expert commission confessed EXPERT as the best laboratory furniture and handed the “Sign of quality of Russian Federation”.

Firstly in Ukraine: the production of laboratory furniture has ISO 9001:2008 certification

A certification audit confirmed that the quality management system of our production meets the requirements of international standard of ISO 9001:2008. Laboratory furniture of TM Expert, special furniture for medical institutions of TM Amed and special furniture for educational institutions is produced in accordance to them.

More than 90% of the new clients become the our constant customers

We believe that it’s the main our achievement after 9 years of activities. We also pay a lot of attention to the questions of productivity increasing. In March of this year we set the station with coordinate-revolver press and bending hydrohammer of TM Amada (Japan); so that the productivity promoted on 64%.

Laboratory furniture
The laboratory furniture EXPERT - from the exhaust fume hood to a portable stand - is professional and high-quality furniture designed to create a comfortable and safe environment for an efficient operation of employees in your laboratory.

School laboratory furniture
There are tables for chemical, physical and biology classes, tables for teachers, hoods, etc. Note, that purples cannot get any reagents if the tables are closed; and working surface of the furniture cannot be destroyed by vandals.

Medical furniture
We also produce special furniture for medical institutions of TM AMED. The furniture is reliable, functional, comfortable, and safe; and it’s well-designed. To get medical furniture of the high quality and acceptable price means to buy the furniture AMED.

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