Production and materials

Where is your production situated?

The furniture of TM EXPERT is made at our own production; it is situated in Cherkassy. The full-cycle production is equipped with the high-tech equipment. There is a quality control at the each step of production.

What is Durcon?

Durcon is a polymeric composite that id made on the basis of quartz sand and epoxies. Durcon has an ideally smooth surface without seams, it has a monolithic structure. Durcon is used as a working surface because of its excellent chemical and thermal firmness.

Do you have a demo-room?

Every year we take participation in LABComplex exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine). And we also have a small showroom at our office in Brovary (Kyiv district, Ukraine). We will be glad you to see there.

Is it possible to buy your laboratory furniture from stock?

Please call us by ph.: +38 044 495-27-66 to know whether we have particular products on the stock. Generally all the furniture is made under the order.

About production

Has the furniture the guarantee?

The guarantee term of the laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT is 18 months.

What is the term of production of the laboratory furniture?

It will take 35-40 working days to product the laboratory furniture on your personal order.

Do you have special laboratory chairs?

Yes, there are laboratory chairs in our range of products. Their sittings are made of chemically resistant polyurethane.

Do you have furniture of stainless steel?

Yes, there is stainless steel laboratory furniture in our assortment.

Whether you sell sinks and taps?

We do not sell components for laboratory furniture.

Is it possible to make laboratory furniture by our sizes?

Yes, it is possible. We have the own production of laboratory furniture situated in Cherkassy. Therefore we can make both standard products and furniture by the individual order.

How to order

Do you participate in tenders?

Yes, we do. All the furniture has State Standard Specification certificates. There are also protocol of sanitary conclusions and epidemiologic examinations. The quality production quality management system is certified to meet the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008.

Do you have any branches?

There are no any branches, but our experts will come to make measurements to any point of Ukraine and CIS countries. You can also connect to one of our dealers.

Should I pay for measurements and planning?

No, experts work of measurements, of offer preparation, of selection and plan of furniture are provided free of charge.

How to order your laboratory furniture?

You can order the laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT by phone: +380 (44) 495-27-66 or by e-mail: info@labexpert.com.ua

About delivery and connection

How does the laboratory furniture look when is delivered?

The laboratory furniture is generally delivered by specially equipped transport in assembled form. If assembly is necessary it will be free of charge and made by our service specialists.

May you unload the furniture?

Unfortunately our company does not provide services of loaders. But we can recommend our partners.

Do you connect hoods to the central system of ventilation?

No, we do not provide such service. An expert who will serve the ventilation system then should connect the hoods.

Who connects a sink to water supply system?

That is the work of a plumber who will serve subsequently this room.

About dealership

How to become your dealer?

If you want to be our partner, please, fill the questionnaire  or contact us by phone: +380 (44) 495-27-66. 

Put your question about the laboratory furniture by e-mail info@labexpert.com.ua or by phone: +380 (44) 495-27-66.

Put your question about the laboratory furniture by e-mail info@labexpert.com.ua or by phone: +380 (44) 495-27-66.

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