Since the very first unit of the laboratory furniture TM EXPERT was manufactured we pay a special attention to the quality of our products. In order to do so we created a special Quality Control Department.

The activity of the Quality Control Department includes four major steps:

  • Selecting the sourcing of raw materials, components and accessories for the production of the laboratory furniture, which meet all the requirements and standards, and also have code certificates for its proper products;
  • Input control of incoming raw materials to manufacturing facilitates;
  • Sampling of products at all stages of the manufacturing process;
  • Mandatory monitoring of each end product under the trademark of TM EXPERT shipped to our Partners.

TM EXPERT furniture is one of the few in Ukraine which has passed all necessary tests in accordance with State Standard Certificate 16371-93, as evidenced by certificates:

The quality management system of TM EXPERT furniture matches the ISO 9001:2008. Quality management system enables our customers to be confident in the quality of our products.

Thanks to the work of the Quality Control Department we have the lowest percentage of reclamations among the companies involved in the production of laboratory furniture received from our Partners - 0.5%.

Equipping your laboratory with professional laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT you protect yourself from buying low-quality laboratory furniture made of non-conforming to tough requirements of the sphere and fast decaying materials that are used by some manufacturers in order to save money for production needs.

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